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May 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
in british media company bskyb. and meetings with the then prime minister tony blair and opposition leader david cameron, the current prime minister about the possible purchase. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> one could describe this in a number of ways. you use the term quite fairly, it could also be described as lobbying, couldn't it? >> yes. >> it could also be described as a private conversation with the prime minister making it clear the commercial concerns of your company and that he should issue a new understand him, is that right? >> i think, yes, it would have been entirely consistent with public statements, that would've made our others on behalf of the company would have made. and you know, nothing in communicating additionally would have been inconsistent with the companies of you on a further intervention into the market. >> would the purpose of the call in any way was to bring mr. blair on side in the sense that if the european commission did intervene, then the british government should unveil bskyb? >> now i think of us choose, it was conversations like this. i wou
May 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
's multibillion dollar bid for bskyb. india posted the weakest growth in almost a decade as the global slowdown bites. and how touch-first video game technology is being used to save lives. >> hello. thanks very much for joining us. in syria, senior rebel commanders are urging kofi annan to declare formally his cease-fire plan has failed, allowing them then to resume military operations against the government. that's how they're spelling it out. the free syrian army claimed that rebel forces have so far honored their commitment to the plan, but that president assad has not. all this as western leaders scramble to find a way to stem the violence. the united states, for example, has imposed new economic sanctions against syria and raised the pressure on russia to withdraw its support for the assad regime. let's go over to beirut now. jim muir is our correspondent in lebanon. jim, perhaps you can just explain for us where the free syrian army lies at the moment in its approach. we had talk of laying down an ultimatum. we've had words of that not being the case. what is the situation? >> well, the
May 8, 2012 10:00pm PDT
this takeover, the attempt to take over full control of bskyb. >> bergman: murdoch wanted to increase his television holdings and gain a greater share in his satellite television company, bskyb. why is bskyb so important? >> if you look about the money the murdochs get from bskyb, it's money, money, money. and the money then keeps on funding papers that don't make money, but papers bring him influence more than television does. ask yourself, does that sound to be a good business model? whether it's good or not, it's certainly a business model. >> bergman: bskyb would become the most profitable network in europe. and by 2010, murdoch wanted to own all of it. a $12 billion takeover was in the offing when david cameron took office in may. >> morning, prime minister. looking forward to it. >> bergman: once again, murdoch would need a prime minister's support. he and his executives had every reason to feel confident that the troublesome threat of a phone-hacking scandal was well behind them. james murdoch and rebekah brooks were friends of cameron. and they had another friend inside number ten
May 2, 2012 12:30am PDT
these mistakes will make it more likely that the media regulator will rule that bskyb is ugfit to hold a broadcasting licence. the news of the world scandal still making news, still shaking the sprawling media empire of james and rupert murdoch. >> we're back now to burma, where the opposition leader is said to tickers seat in parliament. she has now arrived there. we can cross to our east asia correspondent. these pictures is the moment ago of this very important time. >> i am just standing at the side of the parliamentary chamber. she has taken up proceed in a row g, seat number 22, she is just sitting there quietly at the moment. she is chatting to people quietly, just getting used to the atmosphere. there was huge excitement. she now waits for the speakers to come into the formal ceremony. and then they will swear the oath of office, which has held that this parliamentary debut. >> there was a big disagreement about whether this would actually be sworn in by suu kyi. >> that is right. the dispute remains. they object to one word in the wording of that code, which is safeguard the c
May 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
of disparaging politicians you did not particularly like? >> no. i don't actually. >> now, go back to the bskyb issue, and paragraphs 90-92 of her witness statement please, mrs. brooks. >> yes. >> paragraph 90, you say in the fourth line, third line, many people sought to weigh the issue with me. and i became involved in defending the bid to them. so you're suggesting there you are adopting a defensive position, is that right? >> well, i see lots of people at that time as well. so not necessarily, just politicians. the fact is it was a common misconception, and often reported that news international was trying to buy the remainder of bskyb rather than news corp. and that subtle distinction therefore because was in the uk territory was perhaps understandably got confused. and so yes, there were occasions when i defended the did. >> you do also in paragraph 90, the next page, when the conversation, i'm sure as i would expect my views forcibly, particularly given the opposition, it might be said that stronger in your eyes the more strong you need to be. would you agree? >> i think, i think the ant
May 11, 2012 10:30pm EDT
did not totally like? >> i do not. >> now go back to be bskyb issue. this is page 08257. you say on the fourth line that many people saw to raise the issue with me. involved in th defending. he always picked a defense of the pension -- you always pick a defensive position, is that right? >> not necessarily. the fact is that it was a common misconception and often reported that news international was trying to buy the remainder of the shares. but subtle distinction was perhaps understandably confused. yes, there were occasions when i defended the bid. >> you do so in paragraph 19? i am sure that i would expect my views given the vocal opposition. it might be the more thoughtful you needed to be. would you agree? >> i think the anti-alliance had so many members from the alliance. they were seeing politicians. i think dr. cable had a dinner with him. when i met people, if i had the chance to put our side of the story, i would. >> those people included mr. cameron? >> not mr. cameron. i did have a conversation with others. not to be dwelled on. i did have a conversation about it some
May 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
see the list. >> do you know bskyb is still a client of freud communications?. >> i don't i'm sure. freud communications is a huge company. i don't know that their client list. i'm pretty sure they haven't represented bskyb on corporate level but i'm sure they would have represented lots of other areas to sky. i don't know currently but probably. >> ask you some general questions. when were you made aware that the bid would be made? >> i think, before, before the public announcement. shortly before the public announcement. >> before the general election or after, do think? >> i think it was before. but not, yeah, before. i just can't remember when the public announcement was but it was shortly before. >> this is obviously a big moment in news corp. i appreciate you're the ceo of news international and not news corp and that distinction is understood. were there not discussions with either of the murdochs about the timing of the bid? >> i played no formal role in the bskyb transaction and certainly not the strategy of timing and all that kind of thing. . . of thing. i was made aware
May 14, 2012 12:40am EDT
it would not have covered bskyb b issue? >> i do not think it was a conversation. >> i would like to cover some subject matter conversations with politicians. seeking to ignore private in social matters. it is self evident this would increase the issues of the day. is that there? >> sometimes, yes. >> today also embrace issues such as media policy? >> very rarely. there are some examples when they have met with a politician particularly to discuss that. >> the role of the bbc, was that often the subject? >> not particularly. in general, it wasted money was something we would address. i never really had a conversation. >> how about issues such as self regulation to be pressed? were those ever discuss with politicians? >> probably not enough. when you ask me the question, i was reflecting on the fact that i could not remember a conversation with a politician where we did discuss bcc. we obviously the last couple of years, it has been the subject. >> the go before the index i think a couple of years is in danger of muddying the waters. i want to speak more generally. can you help us with that
May 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
of bskyb. and in particular, the interchanges and exchanges between the conservative party in opposition and news corporation in the period leading up to the last election. in the interplay between the bitter and personalities in government, once the bid was launched in january, pardon me, june 2010. i'm surprised perhaps the one of 63 pages of e-mails comprising exhibit k. r. m. a t., have attracted close scrutiny both within this room and outside. the terms of reference of this input on not such as to require you to determine the immediate political career of the cultural secretary in the context of alleged breaches of the ministerial code or otherwise, you've made it crystal clear that you have no intention of doing so or in being drawn into the political debate. however, this inquiry is examining the proposition that the press or a section of the press has exercised excessive influence over government. and the government or individuals within it have permitted themselves to acquire an excessive degree to news international. i'm putting this in a slightly to a delivery round about way
May 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
? >> were there no liberal democrats? no. right, yes, i can see the list. >> do you know bskyb is still a client of freud communication? >> i don't. i'm sure, i mean freud communication is a huge country. i don't know the full client list. i'm pretty sure they have a represented bskyb on a corporate level, but i'm sure they would have represented lots of other areas of sky. i do know currently, but probably. >> just ask you some general questions about -- when we are made aware that the bid would be made? >> i think before, before the public announcement, and shortly before the public announcement. >> before the general election or after? >> i think it was before. yeah, before. i just can't remember when the public announcement was. it was a shortly before. >> this is obviously a big moment for news corp. i appreciate you are -- that distinction is understood. werther not discussions by either of the murdochs about the timing of the bid? >> i played no formal role in the bskyb transaction come and certainly not the strategy of timing and all that kind of thing. i was made aware that it
May 21, 2012 10:30pm EDT
over for example, of the bskyb and i won't go into any detail, and that is obvious. behind, that i think that what i divine is that clear understanding by all of the parties that we got too close to the papers and that applies particularly to the two main parties. and it is not healthy for anybody, and least of all not for the press, so with luck, there will be that. continuing momentum for change and some of us can do the best to ensure that it takes place. >> i'm pleased to have asked you the question, because listening to mr. campbell the other day, i don't say it was very depressing, but it certainly creates a concern. >> i mean, i -- look, i'm not in any doubts, sir, that there is a concerted effort by some of the newspapers to argue against any form of more coherent regulation than you have today, and i think that mr. dayco has said he has a perfectly honorable view, but i don't share, about what he thinks will happen if there is a marked regulation. i hope and believe that even he recognizes that the landscape has changed completely even in what the public will tolerate. >>
May 11, 2012 4:00pm PDT
to take control of b-sky-b. >> i did have a conversation with mr. osborn about it in 2010. >> do you think it was inappropriate conversation? >> i think it was an entirely appropriate conversation. >> rebekah brooks gave evidence for nearly five hours. what conclusions can we draw from it? it certainly seems to confirm the coziness that existed between news international and some of those in government and raised new questions about judgments made and decisions taken. >> you are watching bbc world news america. still to come, anger spilling onto the streets. thousands show solidarity with a prisoner in an israeli jail. efforts to slow down climate change have mostly focused on reducing emissions and greenhouse gases. now i high-tech facility in norway could unlock the key. >> it has taken six years and a billion dollars, but the world's biggest tax center for carbon capture and storage is finally opened. norway produces about 3% of the world's fossil fuels, and politicians, including the prime minister, believe they bear responsibility for were developing the technology. >> that is a very
May 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
likely that the media regulators will rule that b-sky-b is still unfit to hold a broadcaster's license. the news of the world scandal still making news, still shaking the sprawling media empire of james and rupert murdoch. >> although the select committee vote was partisan, remember the labor politicians have had just as close ties to rupert murdoch as conservative politicians. in other news around the world, the libyan government has officially challenged the international criminal courts right to challenge muammar gaddafi son for war crimes. an arrest warrant was issued for him on charges of murdering and persecuting civilians. in the latest date of his landmark visit to burma, u.n. secretary general dunky man praised aung san suu kyi for backing away -- banga keyman praised aung san suu kyi -- ban ki moon praised aung san suu kyi. a judge has rejected dominicks foxconn's claim of diplomatic immunity. -- dominique strauss-kahn's claim of diplomatic immunity. secretary of state hillary clinton is now in beijing. a diplomat is in the eye of a storm. he escaped house arrest last week. n
May 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
regulator will ruled that bskyb is unfit to hold a broadcasting licence. the news of the world scandal still making news, still shaking the sprawling media empire of james and rupert murdoch. the u.s. secretary of state is beginning a high-stakes visit to beijing. >> she will find a diplomatic storm raging at the center of which is a blind dissident. chen guangcheng managed to escape house arrest last week and is reported to be under american protection. can they keep the issue off the table? >> surrounded by chinese security, the u.s. embassy in beijing now the center of the crisis. this man, the blind lawyer chen guangcheng, is believed to be sheltering with american diplomats. after is escape from seven years of captivity. he issued a direct challenge to china's leaders to punish those responsible for illegally detaining and beating him. it is a major embarrassment for them. his wife and daughter are still being held, intimidated for years by thugs hired by local communist party chiefs. when we tried to reach his wife and daughter i minded, we were blocked at the entrance to the village.
May 25, 2012 6:00pm PDT
-- for deciding whether news corp. should take control of bskyb. the cultural secretary and tony blair are due to appear at the inquiry next week. the scottish party have launched their campaign for scotland to leave the united kingdom. the campaign is beginning more than two years before a referendum on the issue will be held. a billionaire is daughter has been sentenced to two years in prison for her role in last summer's riots. she was found guilty of burglary and handling stolen goods. the court in london heard she had driven looters around shops during the worst of the trouble. these are the headlines. six weeks after the cease-fire, activists said the latest fighting has left more than 50 dead. bankia has asked spain's government for 19 billion euros. mexican police have arrested a man reported to be -- the vatican police have arrested a man reported to be the pope's butler. a man was caught in possession of secret documents, but they have not confirmed the man's identity. >> for six years, paolo gabriele has been at the pope's side. now, according to italian media, he sits in the vatica
May 26, 2012 12:30am PDT
full control of bskyb. adam smith said it was mr. hunt who suggested he should resign. he and tony blair are due to appear at the inquiry next week. and the campaign for scott wren to leave the united kingdom. the campaign is called yes, independence. a millionaire's daughter sentenced to two years in prison for her role in last summer's riots. she was found guilty of burglary and handling stolen goods during the disturbances in london last august. courts heard she had driven looters to shops during the worst of the trouble. hello. you are watching bbc news. these are the headlines. six weeks after the start of serious cease-fire, the latest fighting has left more than 50 dead. bankia has asked spain's government for 19 billion euros in what would be the biggest bailout in the country's history. more on the violence in syria. the president of the american- syria public affairs committee and he has been speaking to people inside syria. >> i spoke to them today multiple times. there is an ongoing massacre across the nation. every town in syria that has revolted has been met by force.
May 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
of committee members, rupert murdoch is not fit to run an international company like bskyb. i personally am disappointed that some members didn't feel sufficiently convinced are confident to will the most powerful to account. they thought they could support sections 216-229 of the report. many hacking victims have still not been informed of what was done to them. and rupert murdoch has not said his last apology to the families of murdered children. let us also remember that this scandal cost many hundreds of journalists, innocent journalists their jobs. they found hard to find work. i know this because i provided references for a number of them. parliament was misled. that we now know. but there were four issues we couldn't get to the bottom of because of time constraints, decisions of the committee not to proceed, or because they fall outside. former member of the scottish parliament tommy sheridan lost his liberty on a majority verdict of the jury that was not in full possession of the facts. he received a three-year prison sentence. i believe the judgment is unsound. is rupert murdoch re
May 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
's particularly damning for their attempt to take over the bskyb here. they withdrew from that bid and the regulator, they still hold 39% of company. the regulators will decide whether they have a broadcast license to broadcast in the country and another piece of damning evidence taken into account. it is very bad news for "ne "newscorps" globally and a blistering broad-side attack from a group of politicians in london. >> dan rivers thanks. christine has more now. >> the al qaeda's name being heard lawed and clear in election politics. the president is pumping up his role in his raid and questioning whether mitt romney would have ordered the mission in the first place. >> i said that i'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him, and i did. if there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they'd do something else, then i'd go ahead and let them explain it. >> romney will be in new york today advise thing a firehouse with former mayor giuliani osam. >> as president obama said five years ago, if another nation cannot or will not take action, we will, and it is an u
May 26, 2012 12:00am PDT
of their commercial interests. that's when it becomes a problem. >> that is what happened with bskyb. >> yes and i think we will find out, i think if the inquiry continues, we'll find out as more information comes out for the police investigation. i think the inquirery will shed more light on the bskyb. but i think the problem is, is when those who have access to politicians are being able, are being allowed to influence government policy in order to further the commercial interest. otherwise i don't see any problem with journalists being in touch with politicians, proprietors being in touch with politicians. and if there are too many controls in that, i think society becomes too overregulated and overcontrolled where everybody is afraid to say the wrong thing, make the wrong step, make the wrong move, give the wrong interview. and then you get to a situation where brilliant people will just not want to go into those processio procession-- professions any more. think think with younger generations and politicians if you compare them with britain and to older generations of politicians, you find th
May 2, 2012 4:00am EDT
in the reuters forecast. bskyb has posted a profit in the nine months to the end of march, that thanks to surging demand. bskyb whose main share horder, of course, is rupert murdoch's news corp. they had to withdraw a bit by the rest of the company last year following its phone-hacking scandal. >> let's tell you what's still to come on wor"worldwide excha." social unrest looms ever larger. thousands across europe joining mayday rallies. "worldwide exchange." your headlines today -- more evidence of pain in europe's manufacturing sector. pmi numbers out of germany and france show that industrial activity is at its fastest pace in years. >>> for asia the worst may be over as hsbc's final read gives more evidence of a bottoming out but they remain vulnerable to inflation risks. >>> ubs falls. analysts point to the swiss banks' stronger than expected wealth performance. >>> and in the united states, who is hiring in the private sector. investors are hoping today's adc numbers will ease concerns about friday's job report. >>> all right. we've got a lot of data out d o united kij dom as well. let's tak
May 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
news corp is a fit and proper owner of bskyb. so if uk politicians are recommending rupert is not a fit person to run the company, that could have implications from what we see and whether news corp is allowed to own bskyb. secondly, willful carries a hint of sbenintent. >> so from the corporate perspective, we'll watch what happens to the stock today. with a are the possibilities? >> a little bit above my pay grade, but -- >> go worst case. >> worst case scenario is clays ca chase carey is running the company in a few weeks time. we're also expecting the report from the internal management and standards committee sometime toward the end of may. that keeps getting pushed back and they'll want to come out very heavy handed. tell's want to show that they're acting independently, not acting in alliance with news corp's -- >> but could for example they be forcedbskyb? >> i think it's a real political possibility. whether you think it's real or fake depends on -- remember, they created bskyb. >> could he put david kerry in charge and remain as chairman and everyone will think david is a pupp
May 1, 2012 1:00pm EDT
evaluating whether news corp. is a fit and proper owner of a 39% stake in bskyb. ofcom said the committee report will be part of its assessment but its decision will be based on its own evidence. here in the u.s. we should note news corp. did trip a key limit at the fcc that places a limit over foreign stock ownership in its b shares. a person familiar with the matter told me, though, its moves to strip voting power to certain non-u.s. holders did allay that problem. it will prepare to renew licenses for its fox affiliate stationings in the mid-atlantic region. >> thank you very much. kate kelly and another ceo in trouble. chesapeake's aubrey mcclendon. kate? >> aubrey mcclendon, you're right, is in the hot seat again. this morning his board of chesapeake energy announced plans to replace him as chairman with a new chairman they will find who has no previous ties to the company. they're hoping to have that person in place for a vote by the shareholder meeting, which is in early june. but that process is under way. there's no guarantee as to how fast it will happen. meantime, aubrey mcclen
May 1, 2012 5:30pm PDT
will review the findings. it could force murdoch to divest part of his stake in b-sky-b, british sky broadcasting. those are so of the day's major stories. now, back to jeff. >> brown: and we turn once again to our series, "after the fall," our look at what's changed and what hasn't since the financial meltdown of 2008. in recent days we've examined the housing market and risk and regulation on wall street. our focus tonight: consumers and banks, and attitudes toward credit and debt. for that, we're joined by adam levin, chairman and co-founder of, a consumer education advocacy group. he's former director of new jersey's consumer affairs division. james chessen, chief enomi for the americananke assoatio an dust trade group. and kathy kristoff. she reports on personal finance for cbs "moneywatch" and "kiplinger's personal finance." kathy kristof, let's start with consumers. are people generally more willing to take on debt now? if so, who is doing it and what kind of debt? >> consumers are definitely taking on more debt. certainly on average. what you see are two different
May 1, 2012 11:00am EDT
company. news corporation owns 30% of bskyb in the uk. now uk communication regulator is determining if news corp. is fit to hold a british broadcasting license. back to you. >> have a great day. >>> may is skin cancer awareness month. and health officials are asking hair stylists to help battle against the most common form of cabser in the united states. dr. sheryl burgess joins us to explain. hair dressers? tell us how they can help. >> well, there's an initiative to get more people involved in diagnosing or at least letting the person know that there is something going on. particularly in the scalp. and a lot of people go to hair stylists and barbers and they're the ones that see our scalp. we don't tend to see our scalp. so for the most part, being able to let us know when they see something new, something that appears new on the scalp or something that may bleed with combing or styling the hair, to alert the customer to go see the dermatologist. >> one of the most virulent cancers is skin cancer and very often, that's where you'll have it start is in the scalp. >> melanoma, one
May 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
an international company like bskyb. >> beskyb is a paid tv service. rupert murdoch owns almost 40% of it. murdoch's media holdings include the fox news network. that committee in britain -- the finding of that committee does not have an effect on murdoch's position at his company. however, broadcast regulators in the uk could take it into account in any decisions made in the future. >>> here's doug with a look at our weather forecast. it was raining pretty hard when i first woke up this morning. but then it kind of cleared up. >> sun came out. temperatures warmed up. the humidity levels rose a little bit out there. a lot of people enjoying the warm weather. some of you out there on my facebook and twitter pages saying, hey, a little too humid a little too early. >> so picky. >> can't make everybody happy. there it is. sunshine out there. also cloud cover. it has been a little bit on the humid side. the dewpoint made its way to 60 degrees. that was actually the low temperature out there this morn ing. the temperature this afternoon got up to 84 degrees. that is 17 degrees higher than we were durin
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 64 (some duplicates have been removed)